Climate Adaptation

The social, economic and environmental values of coastlines are at risk from climate change. Existing patterns of settlement and land use in many coastal areas will become increasingly unsustainable due to sea-level rise and changes in waves, winds and extreme events. Adapting to avoid or benefit from these changes in the coast is a very challenging frontier for research and policy to which the National Centre for Coasts and Climate is responding.

Project 1: Adapting to Climate Change

Building on previous research that has explained the barriers to adaptation to sea-level rise, and equitable adaptation strategies, NCCC is now carefully engaging with a range of other communities at risk from sea-level rise, including the Tiwi Land Council, and a range of small island states and regions as part of a newly funded Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship.

People involved: Jon Barnett; Lesley Head; Teresa Konlechner; Steve Swearer


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